Friday, August 7, 2009

Shell MasterCard

We buy gasoline for $0.12 a gallon less than the posted price at every fill-up.

Our local Shell station usually has the lowest price for regular un-leaded gas in our community. Occasionally though, the Sheetz station down the block beats their price. But whether our Shell station is slightly higher or slightly lower than Sheetz we still get the best prices in town buying gas from Shell.

Shell Oil has a partnership with MasterCard that benefits Linda and I with a 5% rebate on all gasoline purchases made at any Shell station. With the current $2.40 per gallon price for regular un-leaded we get a discount of $0.12 per gallon.

The posted price is charged to our card then the rebate is calculated and automatically applied to our statement the following month.

It works. It’s reliable. And, since we use the Shell MasterCard for nothing else; and since we use it for all gas purchases, it’s easy to track our expenses and rebates.

Buying gas using the Shell card is like getting $15 cash in the mail every month.

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