Friday, April 10, 2009

Going Out on the Cheap

Linda and I go out on the cheap pretty much every weekend, sometimes twice.

Dinner and a movie are covered for under $28 total. We never go to a first run movie theater. We wait until movies reach our local second run theater. Tickets there for Friday or Saturday evenings cost $2 each. Dinner is $14 to $18 at Panera Bread, $20 at our favorite Mexican restaurant, or grilled chicken salad for $24.

Live theater and dinner can run as high as $45. There are two amateur theater groups in our area plus two local colleges with theater departments. Tickets to these plays run between $10 and $14 each and we go to 6 to 8 plays each year.

Dinner and dancing is around $20. Most of our dancing is done at the American Legion Post where I am a member. These events usually include dinner for a total cost of $10 each. We have also me friends at a supper club with free dancing for the price of a meal. Dinner and dancing at the supper club runs about $25.

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