Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cutting Your Bills Down to Size

Everyone knows the shopping stereotypes – women love to shop and men hate it; women browse and men are focused on the objective. Whatever truth there may be to the stereotypes they do not describe my wife. I am blessed that she is frugal by nature.

With the economy uncertain my blessing is doubled. My wife, Linda, is working to reduce our standard bills; the telephone service, the cell phone service, the satellite TV, etc, without reducing the service levels. So far she has cut $10 per month from our satellite TV bill, $11 per month from our landline telephone bill, and convinced our internet service to give us one month of service free for a total savings of $287 per year – so far.

How – you might ask? By asking!

She calls Customer Service for each provider and asks them to reduce their charge. When they refuse she asks to speak to their supervisor and asks what promotions they are currently running. She is persistent and polite and sometimes she is successful.

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